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Howard Healthcare Group provides medical billing and revenue recovery services to providers across the country. Our team of highly skilled medical billing, coding and insurance professionals are dedicated to optimizing your reimbursement while complying with all current coding and billing regulations. We serve all surgical specialties and are focused on assessing each practices’ particular needs and solving ongoing issues impacting payment.  


Our Expertise Is In All Surgical Specialties Including:


Plastic Reconstructive                   










With years of experience in maximizing payments for out-of-network providers, you can rest assured that our team understands the patterns and practices payors use to deny or under- reimburse claims and knows how to successfully pursue payments rightfully owed. With ongoing regulatory changes, Howard Healthcare Group is able to provide the expertise needed for preservice, coding and billing and bandwidth needed to aggressively and consistently challenge payors for fair payment.

What Clients Are Saying:

“Howard Healthcare Group Billing Solutions’ team has really improved revenue for my practice. They understand the out-of-network billing process from preservice through appeal challenges and work with a network of healthcare attorneys at their expense to challenge insurance companies when needed. Getting paid as an out-of-network provider has never been more challenging – yet this team delivers with their expertise in out-of-network billing and revenue management. I have been practicing for many years and they are the first company I have come across that truly understands the revenue management for the out-of-network surgeon. I highly recommend them!”

Garrett Wirth, MD
Wirth Plastic Surgery
Newport Beach, CA


“We are a two surgeon, out-of-network, private Plastic Surgery Practice in Arizona, that does implant and microsurgical breast reconstruction in addition to our cosmetic surgery. If like us, you want your reconstructive patients to have a great experience, then you should give every consideration to Howard Healthcare Group (HHG) Billing Services: they will not disappoint. After other lack luster billing company experiences, we partnered with HHG and they have continuously exceeded expectations.

From the HHG staff’s level of expertise to their attention to detail and responsiveness to our practice’s needs and most importantly to their interactions with our patients, we are confident that we have hired a truly knowledgeable and qualified billing services group. The team has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and complexities in handling, among other factors, pre-authorizations such as GAP exceptions and regulatory compliance with claims subject to state and federal balance billing laws.

If you are an out-of-network provider looking for a comprehensive and effective billing team – HHG Billing Services is your answer. We highly recommend them.”

Raman Mahabir, MD, FACS
Tucson Plastic Surgery
Tucson, AZ