HHG Patient Advocacy Services

For years, Howard Healthcare Group has been successfully maximizing reimbursements for out-of-network surgeons throughout the United States. By attaining fair payment from the commercial insurance companies on behalf of surgeons, Howard Healthcare Group has indirectly been able to reduce or eliminate the financial burden for patients.

HHG’s Patient Advocacy Services leverages the same approach used for maximizing reimbursements for surgeons but works directly on behalf of patients to reduce or eliminate a patient’s outstanding bill. If you are a patient and currently owe a substantial amount of money for a surgery by an out-of-network surgeon and are covered under an insurance plan, Howard Healthcare Group can work to reduce or eliminate what you owe, at no cost to you.

Our network of experienced attorneys together with our team of experts in billing, coding, and insurance work with your surgeon to challenge your insurance company to get what rightfully should have been paid for your surgery.

Our services are at no cost to you as we are paid by your surgeon based on the amount we recover. Please call us to see if your bill qualifies — there is no upfront cost, no fees and no risk.