About Us

Comprehensive Revenue Recovery for Out-of-Network Providers

Howard Healthcare Group’s Comprehensive Revenue Recovery Team specializes in under-reimbursed, outright denied, written-off, untimely, and aged out-of-network commercial surgical claims to maximize client revenue by tapping into an otherwise overlooked claim vertical. Reviving claims that have been written-off as far back as 6 years* is a core competency that sets us apart from any other revenue recovery provider.  We work seamlessly with your revenue recovery and billing operations to pursue additional revenue after internal staff or third-party billers have exhausted their efforts.  In short, we provide the bandwidth needed to aggressively and consistently challenge insurance companies to obtain payment.

*varies by state

Founded by Attorneys, Managed by Insurance Experts

Founded by commercial insurance experts and ERISA attorneys’ with extensive experience in the out-of-network space, we evaluate and manage commercial surgical claims through resolution, employ sophisticated medical professionals, and leverage a comprehensive network of attorneys that apply pressure against the insurance payors to secure the revenue rightfully owed to our clients.  Our team is able to optimize the true value of a claim by capitalizing on our knowledge of the patterns, practices and technicalities of the commercial health insurance industry.

Maximize Resources Using Our Pre-Certification and Negotiation Services

Howard Healthcare Group offers dedicated resources to obtain Authorization and Pre-Payment Negotiations. Instituting best practice for pre-certifications not only minimizes the drain on a practice’s resources but is often a critical step necessary to secure leverage with insurance companies for appealing claims. Howard Healthcare Group’s highly experienced staff is able to obtain pre-certifications and single case agreements on behalf of clients freeing up practices to work on other key tasks.  Additionally, our staff is highly skilled at negotiating with insurers to seek out settlements for out-of-network claims after services are rendered but before the insurance company makes a payment.

The Process is Simple.  It’s Found Money.

Simply submit to us, an account receivables report of your under-reimbursed, outright denied, written-off, untimely and aged claims and we will identify the claims that are potentially viable for additional payments.  All viable claims can be uploaded directly to our HIPAA-compliant portal for further review.  We will perform a detailed evaluation for each claim and make a strategic determination and implement the best course of action. When necessary, we employ law firms, at no cost to you, from our legal network to pursue pre-litigation and litigation settlements.  The law firms we engage have long and successful track records utilizing substantive medical and legal arguments to obtain additional payments from claims.  All this – risk free.

Mutually Vested in Outcomes — Contingency Only

Finding revenue on under-reimbursed, outright denied, written-off, untimely and aged out-of-network commercial insurance claims is completely risk-free as we work solely on contingency.  We are paid only if we can secure a successful outcome on your claims. There is absolutely no upfront payment required to utilize our services, only the opportunity to maximize your revenue. Our contingency fee structure promotes a mutually vested interest in successful outcomes. Call us today or submit an online request and we will immediately respond to your inquiry.

HHG Recruitment Service Finds Talented Professionals for You

Finding the right candidate for a variety of healthcare positions can be a stress-free process when you utilize our recruitment services. With an in-depth understanding of physician practice operations and payor policies from years of experience in the healthcare reimbursement field, we effectively screen candidates for practices that are in-network, out-of-network, or a combination thereof. We combine this deep industry and functional knowledge with a tailored search and assessment process to help you find the most qualified candidates for your company.